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2001 Amateur Championship

Player Pictures

[view]Semifinalist Steve Landen, with Legacy Weapon
[view]Just the first installment
[view]The Winning Smile
[view]Finalist Brad Cole
[view]Control vs. Control fails to get butts in the seats
[view]The finals are EXCITING
[view]Bonneville is just plain beat, but still a champion
[view]Put the Romance back in Necromancy
[view]With so many control-on-control matches, theres NOTHING going on
[view]Quarterfinalist Dan Rodeman
[view]Quarterfinalist Chad Caudell, and The Fat Man
[view]Quarterfinalist Tom Willoughby
[view]Quarterfinalist David Pan
[view]Its the guy who told Steve Landen to play Legacy Weapon
[view]Semifinalist Carl Winter
[view]Quarterfinal Action: David Pan vs. Tim Bonneville
[view]Security itself
[view]Dan Rodeman played the only non-blue deck in the Top 8
[view]Chad Caudell is despondant
[view]Carl Winter needs a better view of this particular beating.
[view]Tim Bonneville is everywhere at once, just watch
[view]Quarterfinal Action: Steve Landen vs. Dan Rodeman
[view]Tom Willoughby is scrupulous about his life total
[view]Quarterfinal Action: Carl Winter vs. Tom Willoughby
[view]Quarterfinal Action: Chad Caudell vs. Brad Cole
[view]David Pan reviews his options
[view]Steven Landen optimizes
[view]Brad Cole is alert in the Top 8
[view]David Pan Sideboards judiciously
[view]Now thats what a Feature Match should look like
[view]Jordan Berkowitz is afeared
[view]Check it out: The Mirror
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Alex Alford vs. Thomas Haver
[view]Alex Alford wears his heart on his chest
[view]The dashing Thomas Haver
[view]Dan Ksepka says Wreck you
[view]Double Rage meant Desolation Angel wasnt such bad news
[view]Round 7 Feature Match: Peters vs. Ksepka
[view]Tim Peters knows that goblins mean good times
[view]Round 7 Feature Match: Minnear vs. Gaglio
[view]Adam Minnear thinks this is heavy, man
[view]Vincent Gaglio has two quality creatures
[view]Now that you mention it, I am Mike Turian
[view]Round 6 Feature Match: Winter versus Rose
[view]Professional Scrub
[view]A Winters-Eye-View of a good situation
[view]Jason Rose manages his resources
[view]Carl Winter is unimpressed
[view]And so we enter ... Endgame.
[view]Kick my Thunderscape Battlemage into two Dodecapods Sure.
[view]Spectators surround the top tables
[view]Round 5 Feature Match: Lowe versus Quinn
[view]Jeremy Quinn practices his Death Stare. Not bad.
[view]Stuck at four lands, Greg Lowe tries to mask his disappointment
[view]Sowards had the game-winning Urzas Rage in hand, but Higgins had Duress.
[view]Round 4 Feature Match: Aaron Higgins vs. Ben Sowards
[view]Ben Sowards displays dexterity
[view]Even at 10 years old, Aaron Higgins has a pros mannerisms
[view]This situation has been seen at all too many tables
[view]Bill Galiardi doesnt like this one bit.
[view]Devereaux shudders at the damage hes about to do
[view]Round 3 Feature Match: Devereaux Alo II vs. Bill Galiardi
[view]Yes, that is a Goblin Ringleader, and at the top tables, to boot
[view]Jason Rose swept a Standard tournament yesterday with the same Fires build hes playing today
[view]Round 2 Feature Match: Joshua X. Claytor vs. Harvard Ried. Rieds two cards are dwarfed by Claytors monster hand.
[view]Taking foil cards to a new level
[view]Not yet Standard-legal
[view]Richard Shay uses quality saproling tokens
[view]Harvard Ried admonishes his deck for clumsy mana draws
[view]Joshua X. Claytor: Calm, Collected, Frowny
[view]Just steps away from a lock
[view]Romzies Nether Spirit fears no Lightbringer
[view]Round 1 Feature Match: Don Lim v. Romzi Takieddine
[view]Don Lim has trouble a-comin

Site Pictures

[view]Kind of puts things in perspective, doesnt it
[view]Matches stretch into the horizon

Staff Pictures

[view]Collin Jackson is overcome at the prospect of meeting Magic Superstar Mike Turian
[view]Our staff outperform most automata
[view]A Giant Hologram of Collin Jacksons head ensures order

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