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Gateway Player List

No Team Name Seat Player Name
1 Act 2 A E/2-јaÁE
B Ϋ"c-m
C XŸ-m
2 AlphaBetaUnlimited.com A Fuller, Ryan
B Boeken, Noah
C Benafel, Chris
3 Antartica A O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Daniel
B Finkel, Jon
C O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Steven
4 Draw Errors A ‰ª-{O‹B
B ‰¡ŽR‰ÃŽõ-ç
C ŽO-ì'1/4Ž÷
5 Executioners A '†'º'E
B "¡"cŒ›ˁE
C ^-؍FˁE˜Y
6 Fu.ku.ra.mi A ‰ª"ck
B "¡-ìŒö-T
7 Godzilla A Maher, Bob
B Long, Michael
C Williams, David
8 Huey, Ben, and Casey A Rubin, Ben
B Jensen, William
C McCarrel, Casey
9 Just Anyone A Wong, Nicholas
B Blackwell, Trevor
C Shvartsman, Alex
10 Lotus Noir Team 3 A Emmanuel, Vernay
B Malherbaud, Pierre
C Canu, Franck
11 Megane A ´E..@
B •ù_ŒÁE
C Etm)ŽRŁE"ñ
12 Nagoyan A ‰-'ÁE´"n
B ¬'q-ÁE
C -쐣P"ñ
13 Piyopoo Clinic A "¡Ž}-E
B ‹ààVEr)Žq
C ˜aŒI˜N
14 Poor Shark A •"c³é
B 'å'ÁEq"ü
C X"c‰ë•F
15 Powa Powa A "nˁE-zˁE˜N
B E/4-{‹M•¶
C 'åE/4ƁE
16 Ray Force A E/4˜e³_
B ‹´-{-æ
C ‰ª-{q
17 Rolled-up Aces A Keller, Thomas
B Keller, Shawn
C Clegg, Dan
18 Shop Adept A "¡"cEŽj
B "°ŽREŽu
C "ŁEìEK
19 Team Janitor A Ekebom, Erno
B Hovi, Tommi
C Snygg, Mikko
20 Team Wild A Ho, Jack
B Ki, Robin
C Wong, Docter
21 Totemoyowai A ŒÁEJ-º•ã
B ˁE"ìE
C ["cE¹
22 Unlucky's A "¡"cC
B "ú‚•à
C '·‰ªEs"V

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