Grand Prix-Manila 1999
Day 1 Pictures

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Players line up for preregistration for Grand Prix-Manila.

Judges work diligently on setting up the Grand Prix backdrop.

Nikki Alfar helping to sort land cards.

Judges Tennille Tan and Marvin Romero hand out registration sheets.

Players anxiously wait registration.

A happy Grand Prix-Manila player after he received his goodie bag.

One of the younger competitors at Grand Prix-Manila.

Grand Prix-Manila Scorepad and Competitor Badges.

Grand Prix-Manila Staff Shirt.

This player is still happy, he's only been waiting in line for 15 minutes for Ron Spears.

Trading frenzy between rounds.

Ron signed his share of t-shirts as well as cards.

Unable to even pause to raise his head - Ron Spears was busy from 9:00am until late in the evening on Saturday signing cards and t-shirts.

Ron Spears and his fans.

Bobby Cabral, Director, Novelty Entertainment Inc. anhd Renjie Santos, Event Manager, Novelty Entertainment, Inc.

Novelty Entertainment staff member hard at work collecting pesos.

Adrian Teh - scorekeeper for Grand Prix-Manila prepares for Round One.

The heat is on.
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