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2002 Event Horizons Invitational Coverage

The Event Horizons Invitational is an annual event modeled in many ways after the actual Duelist Invitational. Organized by Tim and Sheila Weissman, with much help from Don James, Jr., the event has grown in popularity and become a mainstay in the eyes of the Texas and Louisiana Magic population.

Each year, Tim and Don work hard to develop fun, skillful and unique formats for the competition that invites 16 players from the Texas/Louisiana region. The players are awarded invites based on a mixture of set criteria, player votes, qualifiers and Event Horizons picks.

The winner receives free Pro Tour Qualifiers for a year, the title of Event Horizons Champion, and the ability to help develop a format for the next year. There are trophies for each format and a trophy for the overall champion. Also, each player who attends receives a box of boosters. The formats include three constructed events and two limited events. One of the limited formats is an Auction Draft. A tradition has been the use of unique cards produced for the event. In the first year a duplicate sealed format included 16 new cards with invitees' pictures on them. For the second year, invitees were allowed to develop one card of their own to be used in a constructed deck. This year, the players built constructed decks from a complete 330 card Magic set developed by Tim and Don. Then they were given their proxy decks that had each and every card with art and flavor text to play in the event.

The running joke down in Texas is whether Tim and Don have a little too much time on their hands. However, the players sure aren't complaining when they get an invite to play in this unique event.

More information about the Invitational, including complete format rules at www.ehevents.com/invitational01.html.

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