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2001 Pro Tour New York Coverage

We're sorry, but anyone looking to do well at a Pro Tour is going to have to settle for second place from now on. First place is the bound property of The German Juggernaut, Kai Budde. Budde set records with his win at Barcelona this year, only to follow it up by taking the cake at Grand Prix - London. For New York he pulled longtime friends Dirk Baberowski and Marco Blume out of retirement to form Phoenix Foundation, and together they won the whole show. They took the crown in competition against Les Plus Class, the dark horse team from France. Amiel Tenenbaum, Nicholas Olivieri and Gabriel Nassif gamed hard all weekend, even upsetting Illuminati in the semifinals, but the Germans were not to be denied. Congratulations to Phoenix Foundation, Pro Tour - New York Champions!

Phoenix Foundation: Kai Budde, Marco Blume, Dirk Baberowski

Top 4 Final Standing

 1.  Phoenix Foundation (Germany)$60,000
 2.  Les Plus Class (France)$30,000
 3.  Illuminati (USA)$18,000
 4.  Car Acrobatic Team (USA)$15,000

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Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Illuminati   Les Plus Class, 2-1  
4 Les Plus Class   Phoenix Foundation, 2-0
2 Phoenix Foundation   Phoenix Foundation, 2-1
3 Car Acrobatic Team

Quick Interview (archive)

Question Eight: Knowing the Top 4, who will win PT NY 2001?
Gary Wise - "Phoenix Foundation. Kai doesn't lose on Sunday." Scott Johns - "Phoenix Foundation. Who bets against Kai?" Noah Boeken - "Phoenix Foundation. Kai doesn't lose in the playoffs."

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