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2001 Pro Tour New Orleans Coverage

Kai Budde is now officially the best player in Magic's history. The German Juggernaut and his Donate-Illusions deck steamrolled YMG's Darwin Kastle and Dave Humpherys on the way to the finals, where he met up against Finnish superstar Tomi Walamies. The matchup favored Walamies, but then again, Kai doesn't lose on Sundays. The match went the full five games, and ended in spectacular fashion when Budde, one turn away from defeat, found Morphling at the top of his deck, and turned the whole game around. That makes four Pro Tour wins within a calendar year for Budde, and many believe him to be unstoppable. Congratulations to Kai Budde, Pro Tour - New Orleans Champion!


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Kai Budde (Germany)$30,000
 2.  Tomi Walamies (Finland)$20,000
 3.  Jelger Wiegersma (Netherlands)$15,000
 4.  David Humpherys (USA)$13,000
 5.  Anton Jonsson (Sweden)$9,000
 6.  Raphael Gennari (Switzerland)$8,500
 7.  Darwin Kastle (USA)$8,000
 8.  Benedikt Klauser (Austria)$7,500

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Tomi Walamies   Tomi Walamies, 3-2        
8 Benedikt Klauser   Tomi Walamies, 3-0
4 Raphael Gennari   Jelger Wiegersma, 3-1   Kai Budde, 3-2
5 Jelger Wiegersma    
2 Anton Jonsson   David Humpherys, 3-2
7 David Humpherys   Kai Budde, 3-0
3 Kai Budde   Kai Budde, 3-0
6 Darwin Kastle    

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