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2001 Barcelona Masters Coverage

Today, Ben Rubin made himself a piece of Magic History, becoming the first player to win two Masters Series events. The last obstacle on his way was Jay Elarar, who played a deck that many thought would win him the title. Ben was not to be denied. Wearing his trademark Superman T-shirt, he took the match in two games.

Top 8 Bracket (Also see the full 32-person bracket)

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Jon Finkel   Jon Finkel, 2-1        
8 Ryan Fuller   Ben Rubin, 2-0
29 Ben Rubin   Ben Rubin, 2-1   Ben Rubin, 2-0
28 Tuomo Nieminen    
2 Zvi Mowshowitz   Zvi Mowshowitz, 2-0
23 Markus Bell   Jay Elarar, 2-0
30 Michael Turian   Jay Elarar, 2-0
27 Jay Elarar    

Pro Tour Barcelona Coverage

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