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2001 Grand Prix Santiago Coverage

Argentina's Matias Gabrenja makes history by tying the largest Grand Prix prize ever, winning the top Amateur Prize as well as the entire tournament (Gordon Lim was the first to achieve this feat at Grand Prix Sydney). He took out Superstar Gerardo Godinez's Black/Red/Blue "Mexican Lobotomy" control deck in a quick two games with his aggressive Blue/Green/Red beatdown deck. Not to be ignored, Chile's Team XOptimo placed four players in the Top 8. Congratulations to Matias Gabrenja!

Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Matias Gabrenja (Argentina)$2,400
 2.  Gerardo Godinez (Mexico)$1,700
 3.  Jorge Rodriguez (Chile)$1,200
 4.  Jose Echeverria (Chile)$1,000
 5.  Rodrigo Sanchez (Chile)$800
 6.  Brock Parker (USA)$800
 7.  Andres Hojman (Chile)$800
 8.  Juan Ruetter (Chile)$800

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Rodrigo Sanchez   Jose Echeverria, 2-1        
8 Jose Echeverria   Matias Gabrenka, 2-0
4 Matias Gabrenja   Matias Gabrenja, 2-0   Matias Gabrenja, 2-0
5 Juan Ruetter    
2 Brock Parker   Jorge Rodriguez, 2-1
7 Jorge Rodriguez   Gerardo Godinez, 2-1
3 Andres Hojman   Gerardo Godinez, 2-0
6 Gerardo Godinez    
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