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2000 Grand Prix Singapore Coverage

Sam Lau, from Singapore, won GP Singapore, defeating Jonathan Chan in the finals, 2-0. He played Trix to a near-perfect record in the Swiss, placing him as the fifth seed going into the Top 8. He made $2,400 USD, while runner-up Chan walked away with $1,700. Chan, also from Singapore, played a Sligh/Ponza hybrid deck that performed well for him until he met Sam Lau in the finals. Grand Prix Singapore was very positive, with a large audience following the standings and observing the tournament.

Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Sam Lau (Singapore)$2,400
 2.  Jonathan Chan (Singapore)$1,700
 3.  Tzu-Ching Kuo(Taiwan)$1,200
 4.  Masayuki Higashino (Japan)$1,000
 5.  Yi Jie Vice Lin (Taiwan)$800
 6.  Tishen Tham (Malaysia)$800
 7.  Boon Tat Elvin Eng (Singapore)$800
 8.  Nicholas Wong (Singapore)$800

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Tzu-Ching Kuo   Tzu-Ching Kuo                    
8 Nicholas Wong   Sam Lau
4 Tishen Tham   Sam Lau   Sam Lau
5 Sam Lau    
2 Masayuki Higashino   Masasyuki Higashino
7 Boon Tat Elvin Eng   Jonathan Chan
3 Yi Jie Vice Lin   Jonathan Chan    
6 Jonathan Chan    
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