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2001 Grand Prix Kobe Coverage

After waiting in the wings for so long, after many Pro Tours and Grand Prix that saw him come so close without grabbing the brass ring, and after demonstrating his skills as a team competitor, Itaru Ishida has finally taken his first individual title. He did it at no less than the largest Grand Prix in Magic history: 1,350 competitors. The final match lasted no more than twenty minutes, as Ishida's near-permanentless blue-white-red deck dissected Shuhei Nakamura's red-green beatdown. He took the final game in style, on the back of a doubly-kicked Rakavolver. Congratulations to Itaru Ishida, Grand Prix - Kobe Champion!

Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Itaru Ishida (Japan)$2,400
 2.  Shuhei Nakamura (Japan)$1,700
 3.  Kei Ikeda (Japan)$1,200
 4.  Takayuki Nagaoka (Japan)$1,000
 5.  Hiroshi Kawasaki (Japan)$800
 6.  Ryo Ogura (Japan)$800
 7.  Takumi Hasegawa (Japan)$800
 8.  Kenshiro Ito (Japan)$800

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Kei Ikeda   Kei Ikeda, 2-1        
8 Kenshiro Ito   Shuhei Nakamura, 2-0
4 Shuhei Nakamura   Shuhei Nakamura, 2-0   Itaru Ishida, 2-0
5 Ryo Ogura    
2 Takayuki Nagaoka   Takayuki Nagaoka, 2-1
7 Takumi Hasegawa   Itaru Ishida, 2-0
3 Hiroshi Kawasaki   Itaru Ishida, 2-0
6 Itaru Ishida    

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