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2001 Event Horizons Invitational Coverage

The Event Horizons Invitational was held at the Bowser Game Center in Houston. A total of sixteen players were invited to compete, based on a number of accomplishments from high DCI and Pro Tour point standing to the level of participation in the local tournament scene. Among the invitees were some of the names recognized internationally, such as last year's winner Lan D. Ho, PT Chicago 97 top 8 finisher Adrian Sayers, and Masters Series competitor David Williams. Some names are not well known outside of the region yet - but just as deserving of the invitation - such as Texas Guildmages founding member Jeff Zandi, and two time Pro Tour attendee Zach Karthauser. Although most of the players invited were from Texas, which has a far more developed tournament scene, Louisiana was represented with last year's state champion Dustin Flora, this year's state champion Donald Paul, and creator of the "NetDraft" software Eric Lewandowski.

At the end, there was a seven-way tie for the first place. Organizers offered players a choice - have the top 2 decided on tiebreakers, or play a 7 man booster draft to determine the winner. Tired after two straight days of Magic, the players were agreeable to let tiebreakers decide the finalists.

Skye Thomsen and Rick Burton came out ahead. The two played out a continuous draft using Invasion cards in the finals. Thomsen's first deck looked considerably weaker than Burton's, but Burton had terrible draws and lost the match 2-0. Second time around, the players fought furiously for the colors, both ending up with pretty terrible decks - but Thomsen's deck was a bit better. He was able to press the advantage, going 2-0 again to win the title.

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