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2001 Australian Nationals Coverage

Rob Nadebaum, Melbourne local, wins the Australian National Championship in a stunning 2-0 victory


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Rob Nadebaum (Melbourne)$1,700
 2.  Andrew D. Gordon (Melbourne)$1,100
 3.  Wei Ren Khoo (Brisbane)$700
 4.  Cael McGann (Perth)$500
 5.  Ben Seck (Sydney)$250
 6.  Michael R. Mercer (Wollongong)$250
 7.  Shun Jiang (Melbourne)$250
 8.  Andrew L. Grain (Melbourne)$250

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Double Elimination Top 8 Bracket

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Andrew D. Gordon   Andrew D. Gordon, 2-0        
8 Cael McGann   Andrew D. Gordon, 2-1
4 Andrew L. Grain   Wei Ren Khoo, 2-0   Rob Nadebaum, 2-0
5 Wei Ren Khoo    
2 Shun Jiang   Michael R. Mercer, 2-0
7 Michael R. Mercer   Rob Nadebaum, 2-0
3 Rob Nadebaum   Rob Nadebaum, 2-0
6 Ben Seck    

Losers Bracket

  Loser's Bracket Semifinals   Loser's Bracket Finals   Loser's Bracket Winners   3/4-Place Playoff
  Semifinal 2 Loser Michael R. Mercer        
    Cael McGann, 2-0    
Quarterfinal 1 Loser Cael McGann   Cael McGann, 2-1   Wei Ren Khoo, 2-1
Quarterfinal 2 Loser Andrew L. Grain    
Quarterfinal 3 Loser Shun Jiang   Ben Seck, 2-0
Quarterfinal 4 Loser Ben Seck   Wei Ren Khoo, 2-0
  Semifinal 1 Loser Wei Ren Khoo    
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