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Asia Pacific Championship

2001 Asia Pacific Championship Coverage

Panoramic view of the area

Jin Okamoto has shown his skills as a Magic player in the ulimate litmus test: Successful navigation of the Blue-White Control mirror-match. He defeated fellow Japanese player Jun Nobushita three games to one, in a match that was thronged three deep with spectators. As the Head Judge handed him his trophy, his face broke into a gigantic grin. Congratulations to Jin Okamoto, 2001 APAC Championship Champion


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Jin Okamoto (Japan)$15,000
 2.  Jun Nobushita (Japan)$7,500
 3.  Katsuhiro Mori (Japan)$5,500
 4.  Royce Chai (Singapore)$4,500
 5.  Sam Lau (Singapore)$3,000
 6.  Albertus Law (Malaysia)$2,500
 7.  Tobey Tamber (Chinese Taipei)$2,000
 8.  Yujian Zhou (Japan)$1,500

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Jin Okamoto
Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Tomoharu Saito   Tomoharu Saito, Bye        
8 Pater Chao   Okamoto via DQ
4 Satoshi Nakamura   Jin Okamoto, 3-2   Jin Okamoto, 3-2
5 Jin Okamoto    
2 Katsuhiro Mori   Katsuhiro Mori, 3-0
7 Sam Lau   Jun Nobushita, 3-1
3 Royce Chai   Jun Nobushita, 3-2
6 Jun Nobushita    

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