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Teeuwynn Woodruff

Professional Design Experience: 8 years

Favorite Game You Designed or Helped Design:
The Species roleplaying game... at least today.

Solo Designs:
Species, Van Richten's Guide to the Created, and Gypsies sourcebook for the World of Darkness (among others).

Collaborative Efforts:
A lot! Examples: Magic: The Gathering expansions (Weatherlight, Nemesis, Prophecy); X-Men: Who Goes There? and Fantastic Four: Fantastic Voyages for the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game, Ravenloft Monster Compendium, Blades, Adepts Way, and Parlainth Adventures (for Earthdawn), Tales From the Crypt roleplaying game, Mage second edition and Werewolf second edition (for World of Darkness); Arsenal expansion (Battletech trading card game), Pokémon Trading Card Game, Xena and Hercules trading card games, and Corporate Shuffle card game.

Other Areas of Interest:
Writing fiction, computer and console games, reading, dance, dog shows, forensic psychology, monkeys, and tai chi.

Best Point of Inspiration:
The strange goings on inside my head! (Don't ask!)

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