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Rob Lazzaretti

Born and raised in the Midwest, I started creating my own fantasy art from an early age. I graduated from Illinois State University, and interned at Game Designers Workshop for two years after college. I love my career in the cartography department, I work with some of the best people in the industry every day. I plan on continuing to push the boundaries of cartography further for the new edition of D&D.


Game Designers Workshop

  • Twilight 2000, 2nd edition
  • Traveller: the New Era
  • Dangerous Journeys
  • Dark Conspiracy
  • Challenge magazine
  • Journeys magazine


  • Planescape campaign setting
  • Planes of Chaos
  • Planes of Law
  • Planes of Conflict
  • Blood Wars Trading Card Game
  • Forgotten Realms campaign setting
  • Birthright campaign setting
  • Ravenloft campaign setting
  • Star*Drive campaign setting
  • Dark*Matter campaign setting

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