1999 Magic: The Gathering World Championships
Day 4 Round 6 Standings

1United States (US)22159.52
2Germany (DE)20452.38
3Norway (NO)19756.35
4Sweden (SE)19647.62
5Australia (AU)19456.35
6Hong Kong (HK)19065.08
7Netherlands (NL)18957.14
8Japan (JP)18943.65
9Mexico (MX)18657.14
10France (FR)18169.05
11Spain (ES)17952.38
12Belgium (BE)17848.41
13Portugal (PT)17352.38
14Italy (IT)17160.32
15Singapore (SG)16952.38
16Poland (PL)16850.79
17Brazil (BR)16550.79
18Korea (South) (KR)16449.21
19Philippines (PH)16356.35
20Denmark (DK)16356.35
21New Zealand (NZ)16354.76
22Canada (CA)16354.76
23Malaysia (MY)16351.59
24United Kingdom (UK)16350.79
25Finland (FI)16253.17
26Indonesia (ID)15950.00
27South Africa (ZA)15652.38
28Turkey / Russian Federation (TR)14351.59
29Ireland (IE)14051.43
30Austria (AT)13463.33
31Chile (CL)12651.59
32China (CN)7850.79

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