1999 Magic: The Gathering World Championships
Day 4 Round 2 Pairings

Australia (AU) (1)1206Mexico (MX) (17)122
Austria (AT) (2)10811Poland (PL) (22)102
Belgium (BE) (3)11010New Zealand (NZ) (19)109
Brazil (BR) (4)1119Japan (JP) (14)111
Canada (CA) (5)1157Norway (NO) (20)119
Chile (CL) (6)8815South Africa (ZA) (25)90
China (CN) (31)3016Turkey / Russian Federation (TR) (28)81
Denmark (DK) (7)1138United Kingdom (UK) (29)113
Finland (FI) (32)9414Ireland (IE) (12)92
France (FR) (8)1273Sweden (SE) (27)126
Germany (DE) (9)1342Netherlands (NL) (18)133
Hong Kong (HK) (10)1361United States (US) (30)143
Indonesia (ID) (11)10312Malaysia (MY) (16)97
Ireland (IE) (12)9214Finland (FI) (32)94
Italy (IT) (13)1235Spain (ES) (26)123
Japan (JP) (14)1119Brazil (BR) (4)111
Korea (South) (KR) (15)9613Philippines (PH) (21)95
Malaysia (MY) (16)9712Indonesia (ID) (11)103
Mexico (MX) (17)1226Australia (AU) (1)120
Netherlands (NL) (18)1332Germany (DE) (9)134
New Zealand (NZ) (19)10910Belgium (BE) (3)110
Norway (NO) (20)1197Canada (CA) (5)115
Philippines (PH) (21)9513Korea (South) (KR) (15)96
Poland (PL) (22)10211Austria (AT) (2)108
Portugal (PT) (23)1254Singapore (SG) (24)123
Singapore (SG) (24)1234Portugal (PT) (23)125
South Africa (ZA) (25)9015Chile (CL) (6)88
Spain (ES) (26)1235Italy (IT) (13)123
Sweden (SE) (27)1263France (FR) (8)127
Turkey / Russian Federation (TR) (28)8116China (CN) (31)30
United Kingdom (UK) (29)1138Denmark (DK) (7)113
United States (US) (30)1431Hong Kong (HK) (10)136

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