Draft 2 Feature - Tom Guevin

In what he was hoping would be a triumphant return to the Pro Tour, Tom Guevin showed some rust in the second draft of the day. Sitting down at the 2-1 table, Tom ,who has been practicing on Netdraft for the last few weeks, had trouble commiting to color, the result being a mediocre deck.

Tom's opening pack offered him a difficult choice: Shoock Troops, Thermal Glider or Cowardice. While not a popular first pick, Tom knows the power of Cowardice and seriously considered taking it for a short period. Finally deciding he'd hope for it to come back, Tom took the Troops, as the Glider was paired with a Cho Manno's Blessing and he didn't want to fight for colors. Unfortunately for Tom, the next pack held no quality red cards and he was forced to take the mediocre Dehydration over the Ramosian Captain that he knew would be ineffective due to his passing Glider, and this was followed by another Dehydration with his third pick.

Fourth pick was where things started going really bad. With his choices being a Thwart and a late Sever Soul, Tom made the conscious choice to leave his colors, taking the Sever. With his next pick however, Tom waqs faced with two green fatties, Megatherium and Giant Caterpillar to go with a Molting Harpy, and instead of trying to cut off black, continued to stray, choosing the Megatherium. Then, unsure as to whether he'd be playing black, Tom took a Cloud Sprite over an Alley Grifter, followed by a Brainstorm and an Extortion. Whe nhe got his pack back, Tom noted with dismay that the Cowardice was gone. This left him with Thwart, Peat Bog, Sandstone Needle, Dark Ritual, Black Market and Moment of Silence as his last picks in Masques.

Tom's opening pack in Nemesis was packed, with the game breakers including Belbe's Armor, Parrellax Wave, Blastoderm and Ancient Hydra. Tom, still unsure of his colors, chose the Hydra, despite the insistance of many PT regulars that the Armor is a better card. He followed this up with Flowstone Armor and Massacre, with Plague Witch, Rathi Intimidator and Belbe's Percher to follow. Nemesis was rounded off with Cloudskate, Oraxid, Wild Mammoth, Kill Switch, Spiteful Bully, Infiltrate, Stronghold Discipline and Off Balance.

In Prophecy, Tom started things off with a C himeric Idol, which he took over Withdraw. This was followed by Steal Strength, Spiketail Drake, Hollow Warrior, Coastal Hornclaw, Fen Stalker, Despoil, Soul Strings, Zerupa Minataur, Chilling Apparition, Bog Glider, Inflame, Ridgeline Rager, Soul Strings and Rhystic Circle in order. It looks like Tight Tom will have to go three colors.

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