Finals (Loser's Bracket) Feature Match - Aaron Forsythe vs. Mike Turian

Mike Flores

Friends from the Pittsburgh area, Forsythe and Turian are both playing Aaron's "Angry Hermit" deck, a G/R contraption filled with mana acceleration creatures and mana control. The competitors had a little to say before the start:

"I think I have deck advantage."
-Mike Turian

"I already beat Mike in this matchup at Friday Night Magic."
-Aaron Forsythe

Game One:

Forsythe has a very quick start with mana acceleration, Avalanche Riders, and Plow Under. He buries Mike.

Aaron Forsythe 1, Mike Turian 0.

Game Two:

This game was sort of a Legends battle. Aaron got out a quick Elf and Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary, prompting the crowd to say "Legend!" Mike answered with Arc Lightning. Aaron then got out a couple of creatures, a Deranged Hermit, and a Gaea's Cradle "Legend!" again. Aaron stole the tempo and was able to reduce Mike's life total with the Hermit and a Treetop Village.

Finally, at six mana, Turian played an Ancient Hydra (technology in the mirror). The Hydra spat on a Birds of Paradise, but Turian was on the defensive... he followed up with "the Master," Masicore. Then Forsythe top-decked an Arc Lightning and aimed it at Mike.

Aaron Forsythe 2, Mike Turian 0.

Game Three:

Turian kept a one land, Llanowar Elves draw. He played a turn-1 Llanowar Elves. Aaron answered with a Llanowar Elves. Mike failed to play another land, but played two more one-drops. Aaron untapped, tapped his Elf, land, and a red source to Arc Lightning the three creatures on Turian's side. "Red Ancestral Recall!" noted an onlooker.

A bad game for Turian was compounded when Aaron got the Plow Under... Mike's mana base was reduced to a lone Llanowar Elves. One Deranged Hermit later and Mike extended the hand.

Aaron Forsythe 3, Mike Turian 0.

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