Round 2 Feature Match - Nick Pansy vs. Jennifer Branson

Our second round feature match pitted thirteen year old Nick Pansy, an Oxford hopeful playing against one of the tourney's two female players, twelve year old Jennifer Branson. The competitors seemed to agree that talk is cheap and got right to the match.

Game one came down to Jennifer's havingtoo much control for Nick to handle. Nick's first turn Lurking Evil (thanks to Dark Ritual) wasn't as effective as he would have liked thanks to twin Mother of Runes cast by Jennifer on turns 1 and 2 to go with a Bird of paradise. After a third turn Yavamaya Granger, Jenifer had more than enough mana to cast a Deranged Hermit, and with Nick drawing a lot of land, he was forced to concede.

Game two saw Nick's deck do exactly what it was designed to. After taking a mulligan, Nick came out of the gate with a first turn play of Dark Ritual, Priest of Gix, Phyrexian Negator. After Jenifer played a mother of Runes, Nick played a Twisted Experiment on the Negator and attacked. After a second Mother hit the table, Nick played a Skittering Skirge and Snuffed out the blocking Mother in response to its gaining protection from black and a turn later Jenifer conceded.

Game three started off well for Nick, but the power of Deranged Hermit overcame his black beasts. Playing first turn Ritual, Priest Negator once again, this time Jennifer had a mana boost in the form of a Bird of Paradise and used it. After having her third turn Rapelling Scouts Snuffed Out, her fourth turn Hermit Druid put a stop to Nicks offence, and after paying echo on turn five, it was joined by a second Druid while Nick awaited his fourth land. Finally it came, but it was too late for Masticore to be effective, with Jennifer's squirrels swarmed in for the victory.

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