2002 Pro Tour San Diego Coverage

The match went to the full five games. In the end, Kamahl, Pit Fighter stepped up to bat for Farid Meraghni, and Jens Thoren's green-white deck was ill-equipped to remove it. He made a game of it, Overrunning with Thaumatog in play. He blew up all his land in a desperate try, but Meraghni turned over Moment's Peace to take the Championship. Meraghni, of France, is touted by its pros as "The Next Big Thing", and practices Magic almost constantly. Well, his hard work paid off this weekend, giving him the big upset win over the established Thoren. Congratulations to Farid Meraghni, Pro Tour San Diego 2002 Champion!

Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Farid Meraghni (France) $30,000
 2.  Jens Thoren (Sweden) $20,000
 3.  Donnie Gallitz (USA) $15,000
 4.  Andrew Wolf (USA) $13,000
 5.  Jeff Cunningham (Canada) $9,500
 6.  Frederico Bastos (Portugal) $8,500
 7.  Neil Reeves (USA) $7,500
 8.  Eric Froehlich (USA) $6,500

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準々決勝   準決勝   決勝   チャンピオン
1 Jeff Cunningham   Andrew Wolf, 3-0        
8 Andrew Wolf   Jens Thoren, 3-0
4 Eric Froehlich   Jens Thoren, 3-2   Farid Meraghni, 3-2
5 Jens Thoren    
2 Frederico Bastos   Don Gallitz, 3-2
7 Don Gallitz   Farid Meraghni, 3-0
3 Neil Reeves   Farid Meraghni, 3-1
6 Farid Meraghni    

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