Pro Tour-Los Angeles 2000
Round 6 Feature Match

At 4-1, these competitors are vying for position in the second day. Matt Vienneau, just off his recent top 32 in Chicago is seeking the ever elusive Top 8, as is Brian Selden, former World Champion. Both players have drafted extremely aggressive decks, with lots of fast and tough creatures and direct damage.

Game 1

This starts off with only land played for the first several turns. Turn 3 Brian comes out with a blaster mage, after which Matt makes the possibly questionable play of a Battle Rampart. The next turn, Brian kills the Rampart and plays Vine trellis. Matt takes the offensive with a Wild Jhovall, but Selden has the answer in the form of Lightning Hounds. Matt continues on the offensive with another Wild Jhovall and a Thunderclap on the Hounds. The next few turns, Matt plays a Kyren Archive and Blockade Runner, while Brian stays on the defense with a Rushwood Herbalist. The very next turn, however, Brian Thunderclaps both the hounds and Matt's new Waterfront Bouncer. Summoning a Snorting Gahr, Brian goes on the offensive and makes short work of Vienneau.

Vienneau - 0 Selden - 1

Game 2

Matt comes out quick in this game and never lets Brian get set, starting with Kris Mage turn 1 and Bouncer on 3rd turn. Brian tries to keep up by thunderclapping the bouncer and summoning a Lightning hounds, but Matt kept the pressure on, Thunderclapping the hounds, and summoning a Hounds of his own, A blockade runner and a Snorting Gahr. Two turns later a Sniper and pair of Cavern Crawlers sealed Selden's fate.

Vienneau - 1 Selden - 1

Game 3

This final game was a simple race. Brian started out defensively with a Vine Trellis and a Thunderclap on Matt's Waterfront Bouncer. Matt followed up with a Blaster Mage to kill the Trellis. There was no stopping Selden however, as he continued to summon fatties in the form of Snorting Gahr and Silverglade Elemental. Losing the race at 7 to 8 life, He attacked with all his creatures, including a Mountainwalking Cavern Crawler, and a Flaming Sword and an Invigorate later, Selden had the match.

Vienneau - 1 Selden - 2

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