Information on the Masters Series

by Sideboard Staff

The Masters Series is a program designed to highlight the best Magic players in the world and bring them together in a single tournament with a large cash prize. The total prize for each Masters Series event is $150,000. ESPN plans to televise the finals from each Masters tournament.

The first Masters Series tournament will be held in conjunction with Pro Tour New York (September 28 - October 1, 2000). The format for this Masters tournament will be Extended Constructed.

Thirty of the thirty-two invitees are listed at the bottom of this announcement. The final two invitees will be determined through a single-elimination Extended-format Gateway Tournament, which will start at 9 am on Thursday, September 28, 2000.

The Gateway Tournament is open to any players with six or more Pro Points in the New York Pro Standings. To see if you are eligible to compete, please check the Pro Tour New York '99/'00 Pro Standings.

The format for the Gateway tournament is Extended Constructed. There is no admission fee. The final two players remaining in the Gateway tournament will be invited to play in the Masters tournament, which begins later that day. There are no prizes for the Gateway tournament except for the two invitations to the Masters Series.

The Gateway Tournament and the first two rounds of the Masters Series will be held at Neutral Ground New York on Thursday, September 28th.

Neutral Ground New York
122 W 26th Street
4th Floor
(between 6th and 7th Avenues in Manhattan)
New York, N.Y. 10001

The Masters event itself will begin Thursday evening at 6pm. The top 16 players (based on the New York Pro Standings) will be seeded #1 through #16 and the other players will be placed randomly into the bracket. Wherever players are tied based on Pro Points, the ties will be broken using the players Extended rating as of August 14th. If invited players are late for the event, then first round byes will be given out starting with the top seed and descending.

Gateway Tournament and Masters Series Schedule:

Thursday, September 28

8:00 am Gateway Tournament registration begins (6 Pro Points required)

9:00 am Gateway Tournament Begins (Extended, single-elimination)

5:00 pm Registration for Masters Series Tournament

6:00 pm Masters Round #1

7:30 pm Masters Round #2

Friday, September 29

8:00 pm* Masters Event Round #3

Saturday, September 30

8:00 pm* Masters Event Round #4

Sunday, October 1

1:00 pm* Masters Event Finals (filmed for ESPN2).

* = If necessary, these rounds may be delayed slightly to accommodate the Pro Tour schedule.


The following players are invited to participate in Masters #1 at PT-NY.


1. Kai Budde
2. Darwin Kastle
3. Bob Maher, Jr.
4. Kyle Rose
5. Alex Shvartsman
6. William Jensen
7. Alan Comer
8. Ben Rubin
9. Trevor Blackwell
10. Dave Humpherys
11. Matt Linde
12. Sigurd Eskeland
13. Warren Marsh
14. Rob Dougherty
15. Raphael Levy
16. Mark Le Pine


Dirk Baberowski
Kurt Burgner
Jon Finkel
Justin Gary
Nicolai Herzog
Raphael Lo Moro
Christian Luhrs
John Marks
Zvi Mowshowitz
Steve OMS
Olivier Ruel
Trey van Cleave
Gary Wise
Jason Zila

Master Series Prize Payout

Total Prize Payout$150,000

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