1999 Canadian Nationals
To Rant and Rave: A Few Minutes with Matt Vienneau

- Tom "Jester" Byrne

After the first draft today, Matt Vienneau was not hopeful about his chances to make top 8. In fact, he was not hopeful about even making a match win in his first pod. Luck was with him, however and he managed a 2-1 record in the first pod. Catching up with Matt after the 4th round today, Matt was feeling much better about his chances. He drafted a solid W/R deck, and felt very confident in going at least 2-1 with it. "I might go 3-0, all depending on who I am paired up with." Also in his pod, and having the same record (3-1) was former champ Pete Radonjic, who, ironically enough also played R/W.

Matt, who has had some excellent finishes in the past, including 24th at PTLA2, 29th at PTColumbus and was a Quarterfinalist at PT Atlanta. Matt has a good feeling about the Standard portion of nationals, stating that he has a somewhat rogue deck that he and some of his playtest friends (most notably Gary Krakower) have decided to play. Matt is also very well known for his long reports often found on The Dojo, which he writes whenever he feels there is something lacking at a professional level event. When asked recently "Matt, I haven't seen any of your reports around lately, haven't you had any big arguments with judges?" To which Matt calmly replied "Not that I've lost." Matt hopes to make the team and qualify for the World Championships which he has never attended.

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