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Formats for the 2001 Magic Invitational - Capetown, South Africa

Mark Rosewater

The preliminary rounds of the Magic Invitational will consist of fifteen matches (best two out of three) with each player facing off against every other player once. The two players with the best record at the end of the fifteen rounds will meet in the finals. The finals will consist of five matches (best two out of three games each) with the two finalists playing each of the five formats. The winner will be the first player to win matches in three formats. Order of these final matches will be predetermined but can be changed if agreed upon by the two finalists.

The fifteen preliminary rounds will consist of five different formats: three constructed and two limited. Each format will be used for three matches.

Constructed Formats

You will need to construct the following decks for the Invitational:

1) Standard - This format will be Standard as it will appear on November 1, 2001. The legal expansions for this format are:

  • 7th Edition
  • Invasion
  • Planeshift
  • Apocalypse
  • Odyssey

2) 5-Color - The Invitational will use the official 5-color rules as detailed on www.5-color.com with a few modifications. The winner of each round will be the player who has won the ante cards with the highest combined monetary value. (The price guide to determine this will be announced at a later time.) After each round, all cards won in ante will be returned to their original owners. As with Standard, this format will allow the use of Odyssey cards. We are working with the fine folks at www.5-color.com to ensure that their Sep. 1st banned and restricted list is updated to include any necessary Odyssey cards.

3) Auction of the People - This format is similar to last year's Auction of Champions. The only difference will be the origin of the seventeen auction decks. Last year we used Pro Tour and World Championship winning constructed decks. This year we will be selecting seventeen decks designed by Sideboard readers. Watch the Sideboard for rules and entry forms.

The seventeen selected decks will be auctioned off. The person who successfully bids on a deck in the draft will play that deck for all three rounds of this format. (Decks will be provided for this format.)

The auction will work as such. Players will be numbered one through sixteen based on their order of current standing in the tournament. The first player (number one) selects one of the seventeen decks. He must then place a bid on the nominated deck.

Bids must name a starting hand size and starting life total (seven cards, twenty life being the top bid). The next player must pass or declare a lower bid. If a player passes they are removed from the remainder of the bidding for the current deck.

Starting hand size is considered the primary bid with starting life total the secondary bid. This means that a bid of "five cards, twenty life" is considered lower than a bid of "six cards, one life". The player with the lowest bid plays that deck in the tournament.

After the bidding ends, the next player numerically (player number two if he did not take the first deck, for example) who has not yet nominated a deck, selects a new deck. If all players have nominated decks, the nomination returns to the player with the lowest number. After all sixteen players have drafted decks, the auction ends. Note this means that one deck will not be drafted.

Limited Formats

All limited events will have a forty card deck minimum size restriction. The following are the limited formats used at the 2000 Magic Invitational:

1) Duplicate - All competitors will receive an identical card mix from which to construct their deck.

2) Odyssey Rotisserie Draft - For this format, the players will be broken up into two eight person draft pods. Players will chose their seating in the draft based on their current standing in the tournament. Starting with player #1, players will draft from the entire 330-card Odyssey expansion. Player #8 will draft two cards and the draft will wind back down to player #1. This pattern continues until all 330 cards are drafted.

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