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Irish Nationals 2001

Sideboard Staff

The Irish nationals are over with and the champion has been on a fantastic journey to earn the right to call himself Irish National Champion 2001. 64 Players battled it out over 6 rounds (3 rounds Rochester and 3 Rounds Standard) to qualify for the modified double elimination top 8.

The announcement of Top 8 brought with it some shocks, neither John Larkin, defending Irish National Champion or Stewart Shinkins, currently ranked no1 in Ireland had made Top 8.

At the end of an intense five game match against recent Pro Tour LA player Cormac Smyth newcomer David Coghlan stood victorious. Having qualified for the Nationals through Qualification Grinders on the Saturday morning, having been playing for only 9 months and the Irish Nationals being his 3 major tournament, David's win of the Irish Nationals gives hope to all amateur players everywhere.

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Micheal Brown   David Coghlan        
8 David Coghlan   David Coghlan
4 Robert Mckeon   Diarmuid Quirke   David Coghlan
5 Diarmuid Quirke    
2 Cormac Smyth   Cormac Smyth
7 John Cowan   Cormac Smyth
3 David Gray   David Gray
6 David Kearney    

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