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Interesting Junior Super Series Trivia

Jeff Donais

Super Series
Information for getting involved in the Junior Super Series

Over 1 million dollars has been awarded through the Junior Pro Tour program (which ran from 1996 to 1997 and was open to players 18 and younger) and the Junior Super Series program (which is now open to players 15 and younger).

Here are the names of some players who have won prize money or scholarships in the junior program:

David Bachmann
Chris Benafel
Trevor Blackwell
Terry Borer
Mike Bregoli
Kai Budde
Patrick Chapin
Joseph Crosby
Brian Davis
Jay Elarar
Murray Evans
Ben Farkas
Jon Finkel
Justin Gary
William Jensen
Shawn Keller
Thomas Keller
Mark Le Pine
Bob Maher, Jr.
Paul McCabe
Jess Means
Zvi Mowshowitz
Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz
Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz
Andrew Pacifico
Brian Selden
Robert Swarowski
Jason Zila

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