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The Magic: The Gathering US Draft Challenge

Sideboard Staff

A new event has been added to the schedule for this year's U.S. National Championship. The top 8 drafters in the country will compete for their share of $20,000. The draft, quarter-finals, and semi-finals will take place Saturday night while the finals will be filmed on Sunday for an ESPN2 show to be broadcast in August.

Here's how the 8 invitations for this prestigious draft table will be filled:

1&2) Any U.S. player who has won a Draft Pro Tour this season.

Thus Kyle Rose and Trevor Blackwell are invited.

3&4) The top 2 (otherwise uninvited) U.S. players in the DCI Limited Ratings 6 weeks before Nationals.

Thus Darwin Kastle and Mike Long are invited.

4-8) The top 4 (otherwise uninvited ) from Day 1 standings at U.S. Nationals.

So after round 6 (the last round of draft) the table will be filled out from the top of the standings.



Good luck and see you in Orlando!

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