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Grand Prix - Taipei

Grand Prix - Taipei was held over the weekend of April 24-25, with registration/check-in held the evening of April 23, at the Jian Tan Youth Center in the heart of Taipei. 194 players participated, with the top 8 receiving invitations to Pro Tour - London and a cash purse of $10,000 divided among the top 32. Players came from the USA (5), Japan (20), Malaysia (1), Hong Kong (4) and Singapore (1) as well as from all over Taiwan.

Final standings for the Top 8 are:

  1. Kenichi Fujita (Tokyo, Japan. Age 24)
  2. Iwao Takemasa (Tokyo, Japan. Age 29)
  3. Tobey Tamber (Valparaiso, Indiana, USA. Age 23)
  4. Itaru Ishida (Tokyo, Japan. Age 19)
  5. Chi Fai Ng (Hong Kong. Age 32)
  6. Kai Cheog Tang (Hong Kong. Age 27)
  7. Alex Shvartsman (New York, NY. USA. Age 23)
  8. Miller Tsai (Chung Li, Taiwan. age 20)

Fujita had also won Grand Prix - Tokyo in 1997.

A Classic (Sixth Edition) Pre-Release tournament was also held, drawing 70 players. rk Post was a hit as the visiting artist.

Approximately 25 correspondents from the media, including TV attended. The largest newspaper in Taiwan printed 2 articles about Magic and the GP on Sunday, and we will be receiving clips from the TV coverage, which was both news and an entertainment show.

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