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Grand Prix Oslo Results

  1. Jim Herold (Germany)
  2. Mikko Lintamo (Finland)
  3. Christer Ljones (Norway)
  4. Bjorn Ove Leknes Skogneth (Norway)
  5. Seppo Toikka (Finland)
  6. Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz (USA)
  7. Andre Konstanczer (Germany)
  8. Jonathan Brown(Finland)

In Oslo, Jim Herold continued two Grand Prix streaks. For the third consecutive European Grand Prix, a German player won (Kai Budde won in both Barcelona and Vienna). And, for the second time since Grand Prix Kansas City, the winner of a Grand Prix has no previous Pro Tour experience.

Herold played a Blue/Green/White deck in the sealed portion of the Grand Prix, relying on a Thran Quarry to afford his expensive double-blue spells such as Confiscate. After drafting a deck with the rest of the Top 8, he had stayed with Blue/Green.

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