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  • Teferi's Moat - Moat, as in Moat.
  • Harrow - An old favorite defines Limited.
  • Blazing Specter - Abyssal Specter plus Wild Colos equals... good?
  • Opt - Like something out of Visions.
  • Absorb - A multicolor counterspell!
  • Sterling Grove - A versatile Enlightened Tutor variant.
  • Urza's Rage - Turn up the heat.
  • Void - Confusing, versatile, and extremely powerful.
  • Fact or Fiction - Better than drawing three cards? It could be.
  • Obliterate - Blowing up the world has never been so easy.
  • Meteor Storm - The sky is falling, and dealing damage on its way down.
  • Tsabo's Web - One of the most powerful, environment-altering, Constructed cards in Invasion.
  • Samite Archer - Versatile solutions in a small package.
  • Skizzik - I don't like to use the term, "the new Ball Lightning."
  • Sleeper's Robe - Drawing a card every turn without having to pay any mana for it inspires players.
  • Teferi's Response - This is Teferi's Response to Rishadan Port.
  • Five New Lands - Any land on par with Brushland will certainly see play in constructed.
  • Disrupt - Disrupt is cool. And it's in Invasion.

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