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Keita Mori

Tell us what color combination you want to draft in Odyssey, and why.
Ryouma Shiozu: Red, for the removal. If not red, then blue. I personally have trouble playing green, and I always seem to lose with a green-red deck. Tsuyoshi Douyama: Blue-white. I like to play blue anyway, and it lets me avoid fighting people over green. Toshiharu Niwa: Green-blue, for the fatties and bounce.

What do you think is the strongest Odyssey card in Limited?
Masahiko Morita: Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor Masayuki Higashino: Overrun Jin Okamoto: Overrun

What is your first impression of Odyssey Block Limited?
Masaya Mori: {expletive deleted} Koichiro Maki: It's basically all luck. People will start talking about theory and technique, but in the end, I think it's about the cards you open. Itaru Ishida: Sealed luck.

What card do you want to open in an Odyssey draft?
Ken'ichi Fujita: There's no stopping Rabid Elephant. Katsuhiro Mori: Probably Wild Mongrel. Olivier Ruel: Hard to say, but I like Aven Windreader.

What Odyssey cards do you think will make a big impression in Constructed play?
Alex Shvartsman: Finkel (Shadowmage Infiltrator) Kiyoshi Sasanuma: Finkel (Shadowmage Infiltrator) Tsuyoshi Fujita: My three picks: the filter lands, Wild Mongrel, or Call of the Herd.

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