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Question Four: What do you enjoy the most about Grand Prix?
Adrian Kitto: Public awareness - people just walking in and learning about magic. Michael Doecke: The social aspect. Hanging with friends you don't get to see most of the year. Bryce Trevilyan: Duplicate bombs in both limited formats, i.e. Kamahl and Vampiric Dragon.

Question Three: Which colors will you be drafting on day two?
Rod Ho: Whatever the draft will give me Jake Hart: Green Jeremy Wright: White and Blue

Question Two: What Odyssey card are you most looking forward to using in Standard?
Will Copeman: Finkel, or maybe Instant Blood Alex Shvartsman: Finkel Andrew Corney: Divert (not Finkel)

Question One: Name the card you would most like to open in an Odyssey sealed deck and what colors do you want to play?
Rob Nadebaum, 2001 Australia National Champion: Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor. Blue-Green Andrew Gordon, 2001 Australia National Team Member: Overrun. Green mainly, two colors if possible. Blue as the second color. Wei Ren Khoo, 2001 Australia National Team Member: Kamahl, Pit Fighter. G/R or G/U or G/B

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