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Dave Williams Disqualified

Toby Wachter

After game 4 of the Quarterfinal Match between Dave Williams and Tom Van de Logt, the judging staff examined Williams's deck following suspicious draws, and decided to disqualify Williams without prize. Head Judge Mike Donais explained, "Dave Williams had three copies of Accumulated Knowledge that were bent more than the rest of the cards in his deck. He cut his deck after his opponent shuffled in games one, three and four. Each game that he cut his own deck before drawing, Accumulated Knowledge was the top card of his library. The one game where he did not choose to cut his deck, Accumulated Knowledge was close to the top of his library. The Accumulated Knowledges were visible from the side of the deck, and his deck was always sideways when he cut. After the match, we were able to cut consistently to the Accumulated Knowledges. As a result, he was disqualified without prize for manipulating his draws."

Williams admitted that the Accumulated Knowledges were marked, but claims that it was unintentional. He explained that they were old and played, and that he had been using them for a long time. David suggested that he had no advantage to gain by drawing the Knowledges in his opening hand against Van de Logt's aggressive deck.

Jeff Donais commented on the situation, noting that "David has always been a great ambassador for the game and today's events should not detract from that. This penalty was unfortunate but fair and necessary. The investigation was thorough and comprehensive. The DCI Penalty Committee will continue to analyze the situation to determine whether further action is appropriate."

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