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Sealed Deck US Open

by Gary Wise

We here at the Sideboard have news for those of you who believe that the introduction of Prophecy means the death of white: don't count out the rebels just yet. In examining the 59 decks that survived the first two rounds of the first limited US Open here in Orlando, White, above and beyond all other colors, has shown itself to still be a dominant force.

Of the 59 decks, 36, or over sixty percent contained white as one of their three colors. Second most popular was Red, which appeared in 31 decks, followed by Green's fat creatures in 29 decks, Black's targeted kill spells in 28 and Blue lagging behind, being played in only 24 decks.

Competitors were given a Mercadian Masques sealed deck, a Nemesis booster and a Prophecy booster with which to build their decks.

Of the fifty-nine decks still remaining, 31 are using three colors while 28 are using two. Amongst the three color decks, the most popular combination was easily the WGR combo, which appeared in 7 decks. Here is how the three color combinations stacked up:

White Green Red: 7 decks
White Green Blue: 4 decks
White Black Red: 4 decks
White Red Blue; 3 decks
Green Black Red: 3 decks
Green Blue Red: 3 decks
Black Blue Red: 3 decks
White Black Blue: 2 decks
White Green Black: 1 deck
Green Black Blue: 1 deck

Amongst two color decks, three color combinations stood out: B/W, U/G and R/W accounted for more than half of the two color field: here's how they all stacked up:

Black White: 7 decks
Blue Green: 6 decks
Red White: 5 decks
Black Red: 3 decks
Black Blue: 3 decks
Black Green: 2 decks
Red Green: 1 deck
White Green: 1 deck
Blue White: 0 decks
Red Blue: 0 decks

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