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US Open 5 Round 5 Pairings

Anderson, Brett (38)Weigel, Eric J. (30)0-1
Andrews, Steve (80)Hilts, Will (15)0-1
Emmert, Mike (73)York, Kenny (84)0-1
Freeman, Brendan (99)Kasliner, Scott (29)0-1
Hilts, Will (15)Andrews, Steve (80)1-0
Jensen, Cory (115)Wolek, Mike (53)0-1
Jones, Brad (28)Postlethwait, Billy (112)0-1
Kasliner, Scott (29)Freeman, Brendan (99)1-0
Lagges, John (136)Tetlow, Adam (45)1-0
Lloyd, Colin (67)Pierce, Jason (7)1-0
Pierce, Jason (7)Lloyd, Colin (67)0-1
Postlethwait, Billy (112)Jones, Brad (28)1-0
Tetlow, Adam (45)Lagges, John (136)0-1
Weigel, Eric J. (30)Anderson, Brett (38)1-0
Wolek, Mike (53)Jensen, Cory (115)1-0
York, Kenny (84)Emmert, Mike (73)1-0

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