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U.S. Team Member Frank Hernandez

by Adrian Sullivan

Sideboard: Florida Pro Geddes Cooper told me that you have an unbelievably good record with green decks. How true is that?

Hernandez: I haven't lost much at all with my current Stompy. I went undefeated at Regionals, and the only loss there was when I left the tournament early. I went 6-0-2 there, and then 4-1-1 in Standard yesterday. I only lost one Top 8 match, so I'm 12-2-3 with the deck since Regionals.

S: A lot of players who saw your deck list had one first reaction: "This deck is awful." How do you respond to that?

H: Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I have an interesting view of the metagame - it is a lot less based on what people read out their on the internet. Stompy can put 8 damage on the ground between turn 2 and 3. If you can't deal with that, then you will lose. Tangle Wire means sometimes they lose even if they try to deal.

S: But you ran only three Tangle Wires.

H: That was a mistake. But, I happened to draw them when I needed them.

S: What did you lose to with the deck?

H: My only two losses come from Finkel, and his deck is just so good against me. Perish. Will. Massacre. Plague. Will. Perish again. It's a nightmare.

Then I played against Frangiosa playing White Weenie. He dropped Mother, Mother, Archer, Archer. Then when we have this stall, I've got my whole army out, and I figure it's kind of hopeless... he'll just Reverent Mantra for the win... he Perishes instead!

S: When did you think you'd be in the Top 8?

H: I drafted a lot to prepare, and at the end of Day One, I was feeling pretty good. I didn't play any Chumlies, really. They were nearly all names. I lost to Dave Humphries in the draft, and he's the reason I didn't make it into the Big Draft. Before Day Two, I kept hearing "Stompy's bad, Stompy's bad, Stompy's bad, and I got a little apprehensive, but I had confidence in my deck. And then I was just rolling over people with it.

S: Most people favored Rose to make the team over you. Why do you cause an upset?

H: Tangle Wire. Tangle Wire. Tangle Wire.

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