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Round 1 Feature Match - Anthony Ferraro vs. Robert Heathco

In the first JSS Championship of their respective careers, Kamloops, British Columbia Native Anthony Ferraro and Jacksonville Florida's Robert Heathco, both aged fifteen, armed with only their decks and their nerves squared off in the first feature match of the tourney.

Game 1 saw a slow slart, with both players playing lands until fourth turn when Anthony hoped to get an Opalescence into play, only to have it countered by Robert. After casting a Seal of Cleansing, Anthony cast a Parrellax Wave, removing Robert's Morphling, which he'd tapped out to cast, from the game. Robert was able to hold off Anthony, first countering an Opalescence, then a Parrellax Tide, but then made the mistake of casting a Masticore, leaving him with only three untapped lands. Anthony took advantage, first using the Seal on the Maticore, then winning a counter war over a Replenish which allowed him to put two Seals, a Tide and three Opalescences into play. Two turns later, Robert conceded.

Game 2 wasn't quite as spectacular, with Robert forced to take a mulligan. Though Robert was able to counter Anthony's Attunement and Parellax Tide, the second Attunement and an Opalescence got through, allowing Anthony to start whittleing Roberts life down. As the game progressed, Robert was able to counter any spell of importance, but the two that mattered had already gotten through, with Robert conceding when his Treachery attempt on a Stronghold Machinist was countered.

Ferraro 2-0

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