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Pro Tour-New York 1999

Welcome to Sideboard Online's coverage of Pro Tour-New York 1999.

Last update: Sunday, May 2, 1999 - 8:00 P.M. EST

Pro Tour-New York Champion - Casey McCarrel

Pro Tour-New York Top 4 (from the left: David Humpherys, Zvi Mowshowitz, Shawn Keller, Casey McCarrel)

Finalist Shawn Keller

Third Place Zvi Mowshowitz
Casey McCarrel (5) def. Shawn Keller (3), 3-1
Casey McCarrel (5) def Zvi Mowshowitz (1), 3-2
Shawn Keller (3) def David Humpherys (7), 3-1
Zvi Mowshowitz (1) def Terry Tsang (8), 3-2
Casey McCarrel (5) def Christian Lührs (4), 3-2
David Humpherys (7) def Rob Dougherty (2), 3-1
Shawn Keller (3) def Nicolas Labarre (6), 3-1
Day 2 Recap
Coverage by Kim Eikefet
Video Scenes
Inside look at the video control room - 1.3 MB MPEG
A look at the area where the finals are played, along with some nearby spectators - 1.2 MB MPEG
Clip from the finals viewing area - 1.4 MB MPEG
Top 8 Decklists
Review of Friday's Coverage
Review of Saturday's Coverage

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