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Round 4 Results (by Team)

Team Opponent Result
:) Cracker Crunch Drew 1-1-1
1 Bourbon,1 Scotch,1 Beer Th1 Won 3-0
2 men and a sideboard III Heroes Won 2-1
40oz ALL STARS Big Dogs Won 3-0
504 Boys Monkey Dog Won 2-1
Aachen Fantastics 1 Yalta Lost 0-2-1
Absolute Samuels Trash B Won 2-1
Aixelsyd maet Dogmas Drew 1-1-1
Alien Nation TLC Won 3-0
AlphaBetaUnlimited.com Brothers Parker Won 2-0-1
Antartica Bearly Legal Won 3-0
Ayumi gumi Paradox Won 2-1
B.I.G. Potato Nation Lost 1-2
Baku S.M - R. Lost 1-2
Bavarian Nabobs Team Zero Tolerance Policy Won 2-1
Bearly Legal Antartica Lost 0-3
Being Zvi Mowshowitz Team Outland Lost 0-3
Big Dogs 40oz ALL STARS Lost 0-3
Big Mana Birds Italians do it Better Lost 1-2
Black Ops Hubbo Lost 1-2
Bread Delivery Just for Men Won 3-0
Brothers Parker AlphaBetaUnlimited.com Lost 0-2-1
Car Acrobatic Team Sol Malka Fan Club Won 2-1
Corporate Elbow Tomguevin@aol.com Won 3-0
Cracker Crunch :) Drew 1-1-1
Daddy's Little Ladies Snap Crakle Pop Won 3-0
Dan Gray is my Hero Fearless Hurloonies Lost 1-2
Dark Side of the Moon Minions of Atog Won 2-1
Dogmas Aixelsyd maet Drew 1-1-1
Draften Und Spielen Goblin Gate Aarhus Won 2-1
Duck Trio Woodpusherz Lost 0-3
Dwarven Demolition Team Out on Bail Won 3-0
ECA Team Tucson Lost 0-3
Egghead Games Team Erase Lost 1-2
Excuse my French Logikens Mastare Won 2-1
Farm, The Metropolis Lost 0-3
Fearless Hurloonies Dan Gray is my Hero Won 2-1
Fever for Cowbell Pantalons De Singe Won 2-1
Fix, The Rolled-up Aces Won 2-0-1
Game Empire Team Diesel Won 2-1
Gix Pix Trash A Won 2-1
Goblin Gate Aarhus Draften Und Spielen Lost 1-2
Grrr Team Rocket Won 2-1
Hammer of Brno TN Connection Won 2-1
HCP Min's Late Won 3-0
Hubbo Black Ops Won 2-1
Huey, Ben and Casey Ray Force Won 3-0
III Heroes 2 men and a sideboard Lost 1-2
Italians do it Better Big Mana Birds Won 2-1
Juggernaut Whatever Won 2-1
Jumble Right Brothers, The Won 1-0-2
Just for Men Bread Delivery Lost 0-3
Latin Lovers Occult System Drew 1-1-1
Les Videurs des quais Team Harvard Won 2-1
Logikens Mastare Excuse my French Lost 1-2
London What's That funny smell Won 3-0
Lucious Nectar Zagrev Sol Lost 1-2
Metropolis Farm, The Won 3-0
Mickey Parade Team Ralph Won 2-1
Minions of Atog Dark Side of the Moon Lost 1-2
Min's Late HCP Lost 0-3
Monkey Dog 504 Boys Lost 1-2
Monster Rod Team Cream Lost 0-2-1
Mother Team Thirties Won 3-0
Occult System Latin Lovers Drew 1-1-1
Out on Bail Dwarven Demolition Team Lost 0-3
Pantalons De Singe Fever for Cowbell Lost 1-2
Paradox Ayumi gumi Lost 1-2
Potato Nation B.I.G. Won 2-1
Ray Force Huey, Ben and Casey Lost 0-3
Right Brothers, The Jumble Lost 0-1-2
Rolled-up Aces Fix, The Lost 0-2-1
S.M - R. Baku Won 2-1
Slim Shady & Marks Bros Team Sped Won 2-1
Snap Crakle Pop Daddy's Little Ladies Lost 0-3
Sol Malka Fan Club Car Acrobatic Team Lost 1-2
Spunk Monkey Team K Drew 1-1-1
Staines Massive Your Moves Games Lost 1-2
Team Advanced Formula Team Dueling Ground Lost 0-2-1
Team Bort US Won 2-1
Team Cream Monster Rod Won 2-0-1
Team Diesel Game Empire Lost 1-2
Team Dueling Ground Team Advanced Formula Won 2-0-1
Team Erase Egghead Games Won 2-1
Team Harvard Les Videurs des quais Lost 1-2
Team K Spunk Monkey Drew 1-1-1
Team Olari Team TnT Lost 0-3
Team Outland Being Zvi Mowshowitz Won 3-0
Team Ralph Mickey Parade Lost 1-2
Team Rocket Grrr Lost 1-2
Team Sped Slim Shady & Marks Bros Lost 1-2
Team Thirties Mother Lost 0-3
Team TnT Team Olari Won 3-0
Team Tucson ECA Won 3-0
Team Work Tronderbataljonen Won 2-1
Team Zero Tolerance Policy Bavarian Nabobs Lost 1-2
Th1 1 Bourbon,1 Scotch,1 Beer Lost 0-3
TLC Alien Nation Lost 0-3
TN Connection Hammer of Brno Lost 1-2
Tomguevin@aol.com Corporate Elbow Lost 0-3
Trash A Gix Pix Lost 1-2
Trash B Absolute Samuels Lost 1-2
Tronderbataljonen Team Work Lost 1-2
US Team Bort Lost 1-2
Whatever Juggernaut Lost 1-2
What's That funny smell London Lost 0-3
Woodpusherz Duck Trio Won 3-0
Yalta Aachen Fantastics 1 Won 2-0-1
Your Moves Games Staines Massive Won 2-1
Zagrev Sol Lucious Nectar Won 2-1

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