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Round 6 Feature Match: Your Move Games vs. Erase (Dougherty/Witts and Kastle/Wiegersma)

by Elliot Fertik

Both of these teams are on the brink of qualifying for day two. Team Your Move Games, composed of David Humphreys, Rob Dougherty, and Dave Humphreys, is an amazing 2-0-3. Team Erase, comprised on Abraham Snepvanges, Alexander Witts, and Jelger Wiegersma, is 3-2. Team Your Move Games doesn't need any introduction, whereas Team Erase is the best Dutch team in the tournament.

Rob Dougherty vs. Alexander Witts. Rob played a red/green deck featuring a lot of green fat and some red burn (including a Kris Mage), while Alexander had a red/blue deck with some flyers (including Rootwater Thief, Waterfront Bouncer, Stinging Barrier, and red burn. In the first game, Rob was mana screwed and stuck on three lands, while Alexander's second turn Rootwater Thief took most of the good cards out of Rob's deck, including a Rhox and Spidersilk Armor. Alexander played an Airship, and a late Fault Rider couldn't stop Alexander's fliers. In the second game, it was Alexander's chance to be totally mana screwed, as he only drew two lands and Rob destroyed him with ground creatures. The third game was much more interesting. Alexander managed to play first turn Seal of Removal, second turn Waterfront Bouncer, third turn Flowstone Wall, and fourth turn Windscouter. Rob, however, has played the most important card in his deck against Alexander: Spidersilk Armor. But Rob's problem was that his creatures kept on getting bounced by Alexander's Waterfront Bouncer, and Alex was hitting him with his Windscouter. Finally, Rob has enough mana to play a Horned Troll and a Giant Caterpillar on the same turn, and stopped Alexander's advance. Rob then started playing more and more fat creatures, including a Flowstone Crusher, Lightning Hounds, Vintara Elephant, and the Giant Caterpillar again. However, Alexander had a pretty good defense, with a Stinging Barrier, Lightning Hounds, Flowstone Armor, and the Waterfront Bouncer. However, Rob, with the help of an Invigorate and a Seal of Strength, finally managed to crash through Alexander's defenses in the first extra turn after time expired.

Darwin Kastle vs. Jelger Wiegersma. Darwin was playing a blue/black deck with a some very good Mercenaries, including Cateran Slaver and Cateran Brute. Jelger Wiegersma was playing a black/white deck that had some rebels (Thermal Glider and Lightbringer) and also has some mercenaries as well). In game one, Jelger got a fast start with a Plague Witch, a Thermal Glider, and a Spineless Thug. Darwin summoned a Cateran Persuader and eventually a Phyrexian Prowler. Jelger summoned a Molting Harpy, and hoped to win the game through the air. But a Rhystic Syphon from Darwin turned the tide, and it was rapidly followed by an Oraxid and Darwin's Finisher, an Agent of Shauku. With the Agent, Darwin is able force enough damage through on the ground to win. In game two, Jelger again came right out of the gate with a Spineless Thug on turn two and a Thermal Glider on turn three, followed closely thereafter by a Rathi Intimidator. But Darwin summoned the Agent fairly quickly in the game, and then managed to cast his big bomb: Cateran Slaver. Using the Intimidator, Jelger summoned a Molting Harpy, and again tried to win through the air. Jelger played a Distorting Lens, which was useful both to protect the Glider from Darwin's black removal and to make one of Darwin's creatures non-black so that the Rathi Intimidator could get through without being blocked. But Jelger has absolutely no way of dealing with the Slaver, who summons a Highway Robber and then goes into beatdown mode. Darwin used a Seal of Doom to kill a last minute Crenellated Wall, and eventually won the damage race.

-Final Result - Team Your Move Games wins, 3-0.

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