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Round 7 Results (by Team)

Team Opponent Result
40 oz ALL STARS Absolute Samuels Won 3-0
Absolute Samuels 40 oz ALL STARS Lost 0-3
AlphaBetaUnlimited.com Dark Side of the Moon Drew 1-1-1
Antartica Sol Malka Fan Club Won 3-0
B.I.G. Huey, Ben and Casey Won 3-0
Being Zvi Mowshowitz Monster Rod Lost 0-3
Black Ops Logikens Mastare Won 3-0
Car Acrobatic Team HCP Won 3-0
Dark Side of the Moon AlphaBetaUnlimited.com Drew 1-1-1
Draften Und Spielen Juggernaut Won 3-0
Excuse my French Rolled-up Aces Lost 0-3
Fearless Hurloonies Team Olari Won 2-1
Fix, The Potato Nation Lost 1-2
Goblin Gate Aarhus Metropolis Drew 1-1-1
HCP Car Acrobatic Team Lost 0-3
Huey, Ben and Casey B.I.G. Lost 0-3
III Heroes Your Moves Games Lost 1-2
Juggernaut Draften Und Spielen Lost 0-3
Les Videurs des quais Team Outland Lost 1-2
Logikens Mastare Black Ops Lost 0-3
Metropolis Goblin Gate Aarhus Drew 1-1-1
Monster Rod Being Zvi Mowshowitz Won 3-0
Potato Nation Fix, The Won 2-1
Rolled-up Aces Excuse my French Won 3-0
Slim Shady & Marks Bros Team TnT Drew 1-1-1
Sol Malka Fan Club Antartica Lost 0-3
Team Olari Fearless Hurloonies Lost 1-2
Team Outland Les Videurs des quais Won 2-1
Team TnT Slim Shady & Marks Bros Drew 1-1-1
Team Work Tronderbataljonen Won 3-0
Tronderbataljonen Team Work Lost 0-3
Your Moves Games III Heroes Won 2-1

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