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Round 11 Pairings (by Team)

40 oz ALL STARS19vs.Dark Side of the Moon19
Absolute Samuels15vs.Slim Shady & Marks Bros14
AlphaBetaUnlimited.com20vs.Black Ops20
B.I.G.22vs.Team Outland21
Being Zvi Mowshowitz16vs.Team Olari15
Black Ops20vs.AlphaBetaUnlimited.com20
Car Acrobatic Team25vs.Rolled-up Aces23
Dark Side of the Moon19vs.40 oz ALL STARS19
Draften Und Spielen24vs.Potato Nation26
Excuse my French11vs.Team TnT13
Fearless Hurloonies18vs.Tronderbataljonen18
Fix, The17vs.Logikens Mastare17
Goblin Gate Aarhus19vs.Monster Rod19
HCP21vs.Your Moves Games21
Huey, Ben and Casey19vs.Sol Malka Fan Club19
III Heroes16vs.Les Videurs des quais16
Juggernaut16vs.Team Work17
Les Videurs des quais16vs.III Heroes16
Logikens Mastare17vs.Fix, The17
Monster Rod19vs.Goblin Gate Aarhus19
Potato Nation26vs.Draften Und Spielen24
Rolled-up Aces23vs.Car Acrobatic Team25
Slim Shady & Marks Bros14vs.Absolute Samuels15
Sol Malka Fan Club19vs.Huey, Ben and Casey19
Team Olari15vs.Being Zvi Mowshowitz16
Team Outland21vs.B.I.G.22
Team TnT13vs.Excuse my French11
Team Work17vs.Juggernaut16
Tronderbataljonen18vs.Fearless Hurloonies18
Your Moves Games21vs.HCP21

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