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Pro Tour-Los Angeles 2000
Round 2 Pictures

High-level judges discuss important issues relating to Pro Tour Los Angeles. They eventually decided on pizza.

The Feature Match area

Adam Katz deafeated Darwin Kastle 2-0 in this Round Two feature match

Lan Ho swept Charles Kornblith in their Round Two feature match

In this Round Two feature match, John Yoo beat Worth Wollpert, 2-1

Shawn "Hammer" Regnier beat Trey Van Cleave, 2-0 in this Round Two feature match

The side event areas wait for players

Information about the history of the Pro Tour is available on the top deck

The photomosaic poster for the fifth Pro Tour Los Angeles

A close-up view of the pictures that make up the poster

Beloved Magic artists like Tom Baxa sign cards and sell prints

Waiting for the last match of Round Two to end, the judge staff mills about smartly

Waiting to come downstairs for the beginning of Round three, the players clog up the stairwells

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