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Pro Tour-Los Angeles 2000
First Draft Pictures

Jeff Donais addresses the players before play begins at Pro Tour Los Angeles 2000

The players receive last-minute instructions and clarifications

Pat Chapin Drafts

Lan D. Ho Drafts

Worth Wollpert and John Yoo draft at the same table

Captain of the Pro Tour-Washington DC Pro Tour-winning team Your Move Games Rob Dougherty drafts

William "Baby Huey" Jensen drafts

Eric Taylor drafts while World Champion Kai Budde watches him from across the table

1999 US National Champion and Pro Tour London Champion Kyle Rose drafts

1998 World Champion Jakub Slemr drafts

Terry Tsang drafts

Gary Wise Drafts

Jon Finkel drafts

Darwin Kastle drafts in the background while Zvi Mowshowitz passes to Michael Turian

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