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Pro Tour - Washington D.C.
Finals Pictures

Finals draft

Finals draft

Finals draft

Kurt Burgner (Game Empire) vs. Darwin Kastle (Your Move Games)

Alan Comer (Game Empire) vs. Dave Humpherys (Your Move Games)

Brian Selden (Game Empire) vs. Rob Dougherty (Your Move Games)

The Finals room

A "Donais-eye-view" of the finals

The dice to the right of the creatures are Goblin tokens that Darwin Kastle controls. He also controls a Field Surgeon; this game might never have ended.

David Humpherys has just clinched the win for his team, Rob Dougherty having won five minutes earlier thanks to Brian Selden's Memory Jar (which gave Dougherty a Parch)

The winning team congratulated each other; everyone else tries to congratulate them too.

Jon Finkel presents Kai Budde, the 1998-99 Player of the Year with a ring to go with Budde's World Champion ring.

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