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Pro Tour - Washington D.C.
Round 3 Feature Match

On turn six of game one, Brian Hacker has no non-land permanents in play. Things don't look good for him, especially since Itaru Ishida has a Heat Ray lying in wait.

In game one, Toshiki Tsukamoto decides which of two enormous green creatures to play this turn. He chose the Ancient Silverback, followed by the Yavimaya Wurm the next turn. Unsurprisingly, he won.

Mark Rosewater, looking a bit flushed

Itaru Ishida wins his second game against Brian Hacker by casting Wildfire. Ishida wins his match, 2-0; his team is up, 1-0

John Yoo studies his hand, which holds two Corrupts and a Vampiric Embrace. He'll win as soon as he gets his sixth land, tying his match at one game apiece.

Truc Bui's Scald looks like a power card against Toshiki Tsukamoto's Island. Tsukamoto's Fertile Ground is the only painless way he'll be able to get blue mana in this game.

Masami Ibamoto was unable to draw a Corrupt to pull out game three and a relieved John Yoo wins his match, putting the team score at 1-1.

Truc Bui has only cast four spells in this game, while Toshiki Tsukamoto has an impressive array of creatures, including a Somnophore that takes both of Bui's creatures out of the running. Tsukamoto wins, and Teriyaki Toshiki beats DKLA 2-1.

Gab Tsang said at this point, "I'll cry if he gets out of this one," feeling confident in his Shiv's Embrace.

Tsang didn't cry, but he did lose the game and the match.

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