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Pro Tour - Washington D.C.
Game Empire vs. Your Move Games Draft

Having dispensed of Jon Finkel's Team Antarctica, Team Your Move Games has an uphill battle to fight.

Along with Darwin Kastle and Dave Humpherys winning 3-1 over Finkel and Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz respectively, Rob Dougherty, whose match was tied 1-1 when his teammates sealed the victory, revealed the fact he's been extremely ill all day. Suffering from nausea, numbness in the extremities and all the symptoms of dehydration, Dougherty, knowing his teammates were counting on him, informed all involved except for his opponents that he would go on as long as possible, but that he may not be able to finish.

Along with the unfortunate news of Dougherty's illness came the revelation that, with Game Empire winning their match, Your Moves Games would have to be the first to open their packs.

The advantage stems from the fact that the team who opens first often ends up wasting their picks, or ends up staring at an opponent who knew exactly what style of deck to draft in order to win before even taking a single card.

Once the draft started, Your Moves Games was forced to watch as Game Empire opened a number of power cards: First it was a Shivan Hellkite, and then Fault Line. When Game Empire then opened not one but two Memory Jars, some members of the audience began to get restless.

Legacy ended with Dougherty, obviously struggling, getting two Rancors and a Molten Hydra, and after he opened a Thran Golem, things started looking up for Your Move Games, but with Humpherys (playing Black-Blue) forced to hate draft a Thorn Elemental, it looked to be anyone's match.

To combat Dougherty's Red-Green onslaught, Selden drafted a defensive white deck with a Jar and a number of flyers. Alan Comer, who has won all three of his past meetings with Humpherys, drafted heavy black against Dave's Whetstone control deck. Darwin and Kurt both drafted red, with Darwin's black facing off against Burgner's green.

With six seasoned professionals, all with Top 8 experience, vying for the title, it should make for a great match, but in the end, it may boil down to one sick man's ability to focus, and hopefully, to win.

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