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Pro Tour - Washington D.C.
Day 2 Round 9 Pairings

Antarctica (42)183CCC (60)18
ATM (64)1312The Alliance (71)13
Brown Bomber (69)167Shop Adept (6)16
CCC (60)183Antarctica (42)18
CMU (56)182Operation Mise (19)19
ECA (57)1215Utrecht (49)12
Fifth Again (28)1214Lost in Spain (50)12
Fu-Ku-Ra-Mi (7)1510The Tank (47)15
Game Empire (77)241Tongo Nation (31)19
Goblin Gate (21)158Sugar Bus (13)15
Lost in Spain (50)1214Fifth Again (28)12
Marc's Brothers (3)175Neutral Ground SF (48)16
Matrix (12)159Phenomene J (41)15
Neutral Ground Detroit (29)184Your Move Games (73)18
Neutral Ground SF (48)165Marc's Brothers (3)17
New Wave (65)1016Papa Smurf (54)10
Operation Mise (19)192CMU (56)18
Papa Smurf (54)1016New Wave (65)10
Pat Chapin and Dinosaurs, (76)1313Two Champs and a Chump (25)13
Phenomene J (41)159Matrix (12)15
Shop Adept (6)167Brown Bomber (69)16
Shpadoinkle (17)166Urban Housing (62)16
Sugar Bus (13)158Goblin Gate (21)15
The Alliance (71)1312ATM (64)13
The Tank (47)1510Fu-Ku-Ra-Mi (7)15
THL (78)1511TLC (1)13
TLC (1)1311THL (78)15
Tongo Nation (31)191Game Empire (77)24
Two Champs and a Chump (25)1313Pat Chapin and Dinosaurs, (76)13
Urban Housing (62)166Shpadoinkle (17)16
Utrecht (49)1215ECA (57)12
Your Move Games (73)184Neutral Ground Detroit (29)18

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