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Pro Tour - Washington D.C.
Day 2 Round 11 Results

Antarctica Game Empire Won, 2-1
ATM Fifth Again Won, 2-1
Brown Bomber Neutral Ground SF Lost, 0-2
CCC Matrix Won, 2-0
CMU THL Lost, 1-2
Fifth Again ATM Lost, 1-2
Fu-Ku-Ra-Mi Phenomene J Lost, 1-2
Game Empire Antarctica Lost, 1-2
Goblin Gate Lost in Spain Lost, 1-2
Lost in Spain Goblin Gate Won, 2-1
Marc's Brothers TLC Lost, 1-2
Matrix CCC Lost, 0-2
Neutral Ground Detroit Utrecht Won, 2-0
Neutral Ground SF Brown Bomber Won, 2-0
New Wave Two Champs and a Chump Won, 2-1
Operation Mise Shop Adept Won, 2-1
Papa Smurf *** BYE ***
Pat Chapin and Dinosaurs, Shpadoinkle Won, 2-0
Phenomene J Fu-Ku-Ra-Mi Won, 2-1
Shop Adept Operation Mise Lost, 1-2
Shpadoinkle Pat Chapin and Dinosaurs, Lost, 0-2
Sugar Bus Urban Housing Lost, 1-2
The Alliance The Tank Lost, 1-2
The Tank The Alliance Won, 2-1
THL CMU Won, 2-1
TLC Marc's Brothers Won, 2-1
Tongo Nation Your Move Games Lost, 0-2
Two Champs and a Chump New Wave Lost, 1-2
Urban Housing Sugar Bus Won, 2-1
Utrecht Neutral Ground Detroit Lost, 0-2
Your Move Games Tongo Nation Won, 2-0

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